Awarded October, 2013, at the Teaching Support Centre, Western University.

The goal of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning is to enhance the quality of teaching and prepare graduate students for a variety of careers.   In order to receive the certificate, I completed the following components:

  1. The Advanced Teaching Program
    • A unique, 20 hour course designed for advanced graduate students who would like to develop the practical skills necessary to teach their own courses. The workshop touched on topics such as teaching for maximum impact, developing a culture of respect in your classroom, and authentically assessing student learning.
  2. 10 Future Professor Workshops (select topics included below):
    • Flipping problem solving on its head: New problem sets to enhance learning and motivation
    • Teaching in the sciences: stategies that work
    • Teaching critical thinking
  3. The Teaching Mentor Program
    • Participants are observed by peers in their personal teaching environment and give and receive feedback on instructional methods.
  4. A Teaching Portfolio
    • Documents teaching activities including sample teaching materials and a teaching philosophy statement.
  5. A Written Project
    • My written project was published in TIPS (Teaching Innovation Projects):

Hundey, E.J. (2012). “Social media as an Educational Tool in University Level Geography,” Teaching Innovation Projects: Vol. 2. Iss. 1, Article 5.  Available at: