Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Research Reports

Hundey, B., Anstey, L.M., Cruickshank, H., & Watson, G.P.L. (2017). Supporting Instructors to Improve Teaching Effectiveness: Recommendations for Fellowship and Mentorship Programs. London: Western University.

Ongoing writing and research:

Shirey, P.D., Hundey, E.J., Heerhartz, S., Olker, J., Smyth, A.R., Razavi, R. [in prep.] Applying historical ecology and paleolimnology to conserve, restore, and manage aquatic ecosystems from headwaters to estuaries.

Hundey, E.J., and Moser, K.A. [in prep.] Diatom response to increased nutrient inputs, Uinta Mountains, Utah.

Guest blog (edited, not peer-reviewed)

Hundey, E.J., Moser, K.A, Longstaffe, F.J., and Russell, S.D. (2016 September 21). Nitrogen pollution from lowlands reaches distant mountain lakes [Web log post]. The Science Breaker.