These proton packs cost $45 each, a little more if you don’t have many craft supplies. Some of the items below I didn’t need to buy twice (in case you are double checking my math).

Other than shopping, these took me one day to make (all day).

Shopping list

From the dollar store:

From goodwill:

  • Cheap small backpack ($5)

From Canadian tire

  • black drain hose ($5)
  • black spray paint ($6)
  • black duct tape ($5)
  • Zip ties ($3)

From my craft supplies

  • Colourful wire
  • Wooden spools
  • Acrylic paint (black, white, gold)
  • Masking tape
  • Glue gun
  • Paintbrush
  • Recycling (such as, jewelry boxes, plastic lids, etc.)
  • A drill


Okay, and the kicker, remote control LED lights¬†which we already had, but they are not that pricey ($20 for 2) and have other uses… like for lighting up your disc golf basket at night. (For real).


  1. Spray paint everything black except the microwave cover. Spray the straps of the back pack – the rest of it won’t show.
  2. Tape the microwave cover with masking tape anywhere you want it to be clear. Use reference photos. For the 2016 proton pack I spray painted the whole thing black, then I sanded off the spray paint, then I sprayed the circle in the middle using a roll of tape to block off the rest. This gives it the dirty/ mesh look.
  3. Position the microwave cover and the LED light on the back of the cutlery tray. Duct tape the LED light to the tray.
  4. Use gold paint to lightly brush on the cutlery tray for a metal look.
  5. Paint the pearls black so they will look like rivets.
  6. Place everything where you want it and hot glue it into place. Don’t glue the microwave cover though.
  7. Use the drill and drill holes to attach the microwave cover to the cutlery tray using wire. I did this so I could get the light back out without ruining the proton pack.
  8. Place the cutlery tray on the backpack and mark where you need the straps to be. Drill holes and use zip ties to attach the backpack to the cutlery tray at the back and the slides
  9. Drill holes in the tire drain and in the side of the cutlery tray and use wire to attach. Reinforce and make it look better with the glue gun and then duct tape. At the other end, attach paper towel tubes or a gun.
  10. Don’t cross the streams.