Below is a summary of select workshop and events I have facilitated or co-facilitated:

Discipline specific workshops

Workshop Title Audience Date Co-facilitators
Best practices in online module development Workshop for Librarians June 2015 Gavan Watson
Strategies for effective online course design Faculty of Engineering May 2015
eLearning and Blended Learning Nursing April 2017 Gavan Watson
Online course development Space Studies May 2017 Lauren Anstey

General audience  mini-workshops and presentations

Workshop title Audience Date Co-facilitators
Using Social Media Effectively in Higher Education Graduate student workshop July 2016
Building Community in OWL Faculty development workshop (eLearning for New Faculty) August 2016 Jen Sadler
From the OWL’s Nest: Best practices in course site design Graduate student workshop April 2017 Lauren Anstey
Teaching with Trello Faculty development workshop May 2017 Lauren Anstey
Increasing the Power of Powerpoint Faculty development workshop May 2018; October 2018 Stephanie Horsley
“It’s on the syllabus!” Using piazza to manage instructor-student interactions Faculty development workshop May 2019 Annotating the Web for Learning Faculty development workshop May 2019 Shawn Foster

Just-in-time video workshops

Workshop title Details Date Co-creators
ABC Online Course Design Workshop 9 videos, a downloadable storyboard, and 4500 views May 2020 Curtis Malolely, Michelle Schwartz, Ryerson University.
Online course design pathways 7 pathways each with at least 2 instructional videos, and 14000 total views. May 2020 eLearning at CTL and Western Libraries
Curriculum review support online 4 curriculum support pathways May 2020 Melanie-Anne Atkins, Ken Meadows

Single to Multi-day workshops

Workshop Title Audience Date Co-facilitator
Instructional Skills Workshop Faculty development workshop Feb 2015; May 2015; Dec 2016 multiple
Instructional Skills Workshop Online Faculty development workshop May 2015; May 2017; May 2018; May 2019 G. Watson, L. Anstey, T. Wilson
Teaching with Technology Day Faculty development workshop May 2015; May 2017; May 2018; May 2019 multiple
eLearning Course Design: Designing Blended Courses Faculty development workshop May 2015 Gavan Watson
Course on Teaching at the University Level Workshop for new faculty August 2017; August 2018; August 2019 multiple
eLearning Course Design for Experiential Learning Faculty development workshop May 2019 S. Hayne-Beatty, N. Dimitrov, A Haque, E. Torresan, H. Wakely

Communities of Practice and Series

Series Title Context Date Co-facilitator
eLearning Conversation Series Online community, 6 sessions 2014-2015 Gavan Watson
Instructional Designer’s Community Community of Practice, 4 sessions/ year 2016-2019 ¬†–
Continuous Teaching Improvement Community of Practice Community of Practice, monthly 2016-2018 Danny Bednar
eLearning Lunch ‘n’ Learn Series Faculty development sessions, 4 sessions/ year 2014-2015 Gavan Watson

Departmental Curriculum Projects

Type of Retreat Number facilitated
Visioning & Learning Outcomes 20
Curriculum Mapping 19
Strengths-based visioning 3
Student focus groups 4
Defining signature pedagogies 1

(last updated Jan 4, 2022)