Lauren Anstey and I (and other colleagues at Western TSC) often use the online tool Trello to organize and plan all different kinds of work.  We highlighted 4 different approaches to Trello using (you guessed it) a Trello board during our Silent Presentation at the Educational Developer’s Caucus Conference in Guelph, Ontario.   You can explore our silent presentation for yourself online: An Adaptable Planning Tool for Educational Developers.

Screenshot of our silent presentation trello board: An Adaptable Planning Tool for Educational Developers.

An Adaptable Planning Tool for Educational Developers.

We focused on how Educational Developers can use the tool, but both Lauren and I use it in other facets of life, in our side projects, and just for life (I had a monster wedding Trello like this one).

Yes, a Silent Presentation!

This is the first time I’ve presented or even encountered a silent presentation, during which participants are set up with pre-recorded audio and or video, headphones and a computer.  So, it’s not silent for them, but the presenters do have their lips zipped.  I wondered how we could compete with the real live person presentations, but after attending, I think part of the appeal (aside from topic) is that on the second day of a very interactive conference, the silent presentation offered a reprieve. We were pleasantly surprised with the kind of feedback we received:

Silence! Great on a Friday morning. Thanks for experimenting with this session type

Allowed me to explore at my own pace

A lot of workshops would be great in this format

Folks exploring the Trello board during our silent presentation.

Silent presentation at EDC Guelph.

I have been thinking a lot about how we can spend our time differently when all together at conferences (partially because of an experience I had at EcoDAS, and partially because of how conferences with Educational Developers are so different than disciplinary conferences I have been to).  I’d be interested what other process presentations might work well in this way?