Teaching Assistant

Fall 2007 – Spring 2013, Department of Geography, Western University


Geography of Canada (2013),

Introductory Biogeography (2012),

Introduction to Physical Geography (2008-11),

Field Methods and Practices (Ontario loop trip, 2010),

Geomorphology and Hydrology (2007, ’09),

Paleolimnology and Global Environmental Change (2008).

Highlights of responsibilities:

  • Developed, presented, and lead laboratory sessions in classrooms, the field, computer labs, and wet lab (both practical and theoretical work),
  • Mentored students on field research proposals and biogeography research projects,
  • Facilitated discussions in the classroom and in the field,
  • Co-supervised and supervised small field trips (e.g., Exploring forest canopy structure of the Thames River, paleolimnological field methods at local kettle ponds, field measurements at Medway Creek, Ontario),
  • Co-led an 8-day field course in Southern Ontario, including delivering interactive lessons on hydrology, limnology, biogeography, and research methods, and advising on camping and canoeing techniques.

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