The skills and competencies I am developing as an educational developer are also relevant to my work as an educator. These skills can be categorized as curriculum development, facilitation & interaction, and teaching with technology skills.

Curriculum Development

  • Writing specific, measurable and discipline specific learning outcomes at course and program levels
  • Using principles of backwards design to align learning outcomes to assessments and teaching and learning activities
  • Designing learning experiences with consideration given to adult learning theories including constructivist learning theory and authentic assessment.

Facilitation & Interaction

  • Giving effective feedback
  • Facilitating feedback sessions between peers

Teaching with Technology

  • Creating interactive online learning modules following best practices in module design
  • Creating online workshops that consider the value of social, teacher, and cognitive presence
  • Following best practices in blended course design
  • Evaluating eLearning tools for use in different classroom contexts
  • Designing active learning activities in high tech classrooms like Westerns Active Learning Space

Roles in Educational Development

eLearning and Curriculum Specialist

Nov 2014 – present, Teaching Support Centre, Western University

Part of my responsibility as an eLearning and Curriculum Specialist is to conduct and design components of a variety of workshops that focus on improving the teaching skillset of graduate students and faculty.  Several of the workshops are designed and delivered collaboratively with colleagues at the Teaching Support Centre and the eLearning Technology Team (ITS) at Western University.

You can find out about my approach to Educational Development in this role by checking out my Educational Development Dossier.

Instructor, Teaching Assistant Training Program

May 2012 – Apr. 2014, , Teaching Support Centre, Western University

In this role, I worked as a part of an elite group of senior teaching assistants, who are selected competitively through a rigorous interview process to serve as mentors to new TAs at Western. Each year, the TATP team prepares over 300 teaching assistants from over fifty disciplines and thirty countries for their teaching assignments in intensive twenty-hour weekend training sessions.

Highlights of responsibilities:

  • Instruct large group learning sessions on topics such as active learning techniques, effective lab instruction, and learning styles.
  • Instruct small group (4 to 6 participants) workshops, which involve supporting new TAs as they deliver mini-lectures, and facilitate effective feedback sessions with their peers.
  • Organize and facilitate informal “TA Café” mentoring sessions.

Online Module Developer

Feb. – Mar. 2014, Teaching Support Centre, Western University

In this role I developed a streamlined and interactive online module to provide the basics of designing and presenting research posters to graduate students.  The module includes a script and detailed description of visuals to ensure accessibility.  Find out more.


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