Photo credit: Paul Mayne

Photo credit: Paul Mayne

I’m an Educational Developer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Western University in London, Ontario.  I lead the curriculum team, which involves guiding departments through the institutional quality assurance process and promoting continuous curricular improvement.  As a member of the elearning team, I support the evidence-based and thoughtful integration of technology into the classroom, whether that be online, face-to-face, or somewhere in between.

A paleolimnologist by training, I use clues like fossilized algae and chlorophyll hidden in layers of mud in the bottom of lakes in order to unearth environmental changes.  Paleolimnology has benefited immensely from shared knowledge and methodologies from multiple disciplines, and my own work borrows from biogeography, isotope geochemistry, and ecology to name a few.  Stretching across disciplines throughout my education makes me well-positioned to work with a range of collaborators in a range of disciplines.

As an Adjunct Research Professor in The Centre for Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at Western University, I also engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  My research interests in this area include science communication training in graduate programs and mentorship and fellowship for online instructors.

I am a passionate educator who works with students to help them discover new passions, learn by engaging, and look at the world through a different lens.  My graduate and undergraduate teaching in physical geography, environmental change, and biology have brought me from the large lecture hall, to Western Active Learning Space, to field courses in Ontario and northern Sweden.   You can learn more about my teaching, educational development, and research using the links below.


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